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Natural Treatment Options for Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is a condition that produces one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Discomfort behind the breastbone (sternum), usually towards the bottom of the chest wall

  • Difficulty swallowing, a feeling that an obstruction in the lower chest wall is making it hard for food to pass through to the stomach

  • Heartburn

  • Chronic burping

Anatomical Considerations

The chest cavity is separated from the abdominal cavity by a large, flat muscle called the diaphragm. The diaphragm sits about halfway down the torso, just below the lower border of the ribcage.

The stomach sits just below the diaphragm, so is technically considered to be in the abdominal cavity. The esophagus (food pipe) sits above the diaphragm, and is therefore considered to be in the thoracic (chest) cavity. Within the diaphragm is a hole, called the esophageal hiatus, that allows the esophagus to travel from the thoracic cavity into the abdominal cavity, where it immediately meets up with the stomach.

A hiatal hernia is when a portion of the top of the stomach slides up through the esophageal hiatus in the diaphragm toward and sometimes into the thoracic cavity. The result is pressure on the walls of the esophagus, which can lead to one or more of the symptoms listed above.

What Causes A Hiatal Hernia?

Some people are born with one. But more commonly, a hiatal hernia is caused by lifestyle factors that weaken the diaphragm and the connective tissue that is in place in and around the esophageal hiatus to help prevent a hernia. Emotional stress, physical stress, lack of adequate rest, being overweight, and smoking cigarettes are the most common lifestyle factors that can contribute to the development of a hiatal hernia.

Hiatal Hernia Treatment Options

Symptoms of heartburn that can accompany a hiatal hernia often respond positively to one or more of the following measures:

  1. Avoiding cigarettes.

  2. Avoiding or limiting caffeine intake.

  3. Avoiding alcohol, especially hard liquor.

  4. Not overeating.

  5. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing around the torso.

If these measures don't lead to substantial improvement, you might consult with your physician about trying the following physical measures:

  1. Apply gentle massage to the uppermost portion of your abdominal cavity. To do this, use your fingers to find the point at which your breastbone (sternum) ends, right where the bottom rib on each side of your chest cavity comes up to meet the breast bone. Place your fingers just below this point, apply downward pressure, and move slowly toward your belly button. You don't need to travel all the way to your belly button; a few inches below the starting point is adequate. Repeat this simple massage technique several times while you are lying down and physically and emotionally relaxed. You can follow this routine as often as you like until you experience improvement in your symptoms. I recommend most people try this routine two times per day, once in the morning, and once in the evening.

  2. After a relaxation session of at least five minutes during which time you have been lying down, drink a full glass of water. Then, jump to the ground from a height that you are comfortable with - anything ranging from the bottom step of a set of stairs to a sturdy sofa seat or chair. The water is to add some weight to your stomach. Jumping down from a height of a few inches to a few feet is to provide a downward force upon landing that can help the portion of your stomach that has herniated upward to slide back down and away from the esophageal hiatus of your diaphragm.

  3. When you feel warmed up and relaxed (not first thing in the morning, which is prime time for pulling a muscle or ligament), reach up with one arm and hold onto a sturdy ledge that allows your body to hang loosely and your trunk to experience a longitudinal stretch.

    The best option is a monkey bar or any similar apparatus at a local playground or on some exercise equipment. You could also try the top of a door, but depending on your weight and the strength of the door, hinges, and screws, you may end up damaging your door.

    The key is to find a solid, overhanging ledge that allows for you to dangle and stretch out your torso. The hope is that stretching in this manner will encourage any protruded portion of your stomach to slide back down into your abdominal cavity.

    You can try dangling on your right arm for a bit, then your left arm, then both arms. Dangle as long as is comfortable, and try to breathe deeply and steadily to encourage your diaphragm to move up and down over the affected site.

Because the tone and overall health of your digestive tract is very closely connected with your stress levels via your autonomic nervous system, one of the most important treatment considerations for a hiatal hernia is physical and emotional relaxation work. Taking as much time as is needed to address chronic emotional states like frustration, anger, and sadness can be critically important in allowing your digestive tract to experience optimal nerve tone, which can lead to lasting improvement in digestion.


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there must be something in what you say,,,because im very stressed and angry and tired and i have a hiatl hernia...not nice

This was very helpful and encouraging as these are some of the things we are doing to help in our situation!! God bless!!

i went to my chiropractor this afternoon and he was able to actually adjust my stomach downwards and i have already felt benefits ie breathing, relaxation etc going back for follow up tommorrow.finally something that works!

did you see regular chiropractor, or chiropractor who had special training in applied kinesiology?

Many years ago I had a chiropractor adjust my stomach in this way too. It took a few times, but it stayed for decades till I got older, fatter, and more stressed out. A few years ago the GERD symptoms were sounding very familiar. Had I gone to a doctor I'd be on drugs now. However I adjusted my tummie in the way Dr. Kim describes and .... voila! No more GERD, no drugs (also less food and a new diet plan).

Thanks so much, Dr. Kim.

All I can say is, Wow. I just spent 12 hours in massive diaphram/stomach/hiatal hernia pain. Honestlly it was hard to breathe. I was considering going to the ER. I felt like I was having a heart attack! So I started massaging my diaphram and that helped a little. Then I began to think, "There must be some natural approach to this ailment." I found Dr. Kim's website, tried the water jump trick and.......... It worked. I have been writhing in pain for hours. I drank a glass of lukewarm water, jumped off the second step and.......... It worked. My pain is mostly gone. I got relief thats for sure. Thanks, Doc.

I agree I have been in pain all day when leaning forward or putting any pressure on diaphragm. Laying on back was torture so I said what the hell and tried this. Worked like a miracle. Thank you so much!

Hi I saw your post on Drbenkim about fixing your hiatal hernia. Where is your chiropractor located? Thanks.


Has it gone away completely? I am thinking about going to a chiropractor, but am scared to get my hopes up. I have been suffering from chronic belching, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, and bloating and pain for 9 months now. I want to get better so badly! I have tried the water trick and it hasn't worked yet for me, nor has the massage. Does it take awhile to work?

I appreciate any advice! Thank you.

I had the same symptoms that you’re having. I went in and had an endoscopy and found out that I had acid reflux and a hiatal hernia. Maybe I’ll check out a chiropractic, due to the back pains.

Jumping after drinking a full glass of water worked like a charm! My heartburn is 95% better after doing this just one time. Pretty sure I got heartburn (which I'd only had before while pregnant--22 years ago) from HULA HOOPING. <Sigh> Finally found exercise I liked, and it gave me heartburn. Guess my daughter gets the hula hoop. :-)

It was most likely smoking that caused my hernia. I stopped in 2006. My main problem is swallowing, the food just sticks under my breast bone, most uncomfortable, I just have to stop and wait for it to clear by itself. Sometimes this takes up to an hour, not good if your dinning out or with friends. I have found lots of filtered alkalized water my total solution. It seems to keep me lubricated, if I feel a blockage beginning I know I havn't been drinking enough. Knowing this I'm constantly sipping my water while eating, especially dry foods.

My problem with the hernia is food sticking under my breast bone. I have found drinking lots [2-3lts] of filtered alkalized water daily and while eating does the trick.

I have done the drinking warm water & jumping off a low ledge on my patio for the last 2 mornings and feel fabulous! Thank you for this information!

Thank you for stating hula hooping as the cause of your hiatus hernia, as my doctor thinks I am crazy. I am using water / jumping off step and massage and feel like pebble feeling in my chest is moving downwards , but I am still getting heartburn and burping . I have stopped taking Lansoprozole after 6 weeks and I am using apple cider vinegar which seems to be helping, but it's early days. Does. Anyone know if the hiatal space heals sufficiently after the water jumping to prevent acid coming up the oesophagus ? Thanks Jackie

A Russian doctor also recommends, blowing up 5 new balloons a day - this simple procedure strengthens the muscles needed to prevent/reverse a hiatus hernia - it works, and is so simple when combined with Dr Ben Kim's other techniques. But make sure they are new balloons - you will feel the muscles working as you reach the hard part of needing that extra effort to get the balloon blown up!!

Dee,I think your doctor is on to something ..... two years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia after having suffered from acid reflux or GERD for a long time. Nexium was prescribed and it helped but the reflux persisted until I started blowing up balloons. There was immediate relief and this practice strengthened my diaphragm so now the condition rarely troubles me.

Here's how it works for me. Several times a day (at least twice) I partially blow up a balloon without undue exertion - three puffs are enough - then I let it slowly deflate (taking the balloon out of my mouth and using my fingers as a valve.) The trick is, during that slow release of air from the balloon, to not take deliberate breaths but let the lungs fill naturally (do not deep breathe.) This is most important - no hyperventilating.

I enjoy this activity for 20 minutes a time, lying down and listening to music so it becomes a kind of meditation. That sense of relaxation is a welcome feeling as is my much improved lung capacity. However the vital outcome is that (provided my diet is sensible) the reflux or GERD is no longer a problem (and my Nexium tablets remain in their packet). Blowing up balloons certainly works for me.

How many times do people recommended jumping before noticing a results? I've drank more water than ever before and have done 3 separate jump sessions today. Think that's enough?

I've also done the monkey bar hang (via my gym) where I hang, do a leg raise, lower, hang, do a leg raise, lower, hang, then jump down. I find it can't hurt to work the abs while I'm hanging around. (All with a stomach full of water.)

I noticed last night an unusual feeling of "Full" after potato soup and felt this odd lodging sensation in the middle of my chest. That is why I feel I developed a hernia, especially after horrible constant belching, gas, and reflux this morning. I NEVER have reflux during the day, so this really concerned me.

I basically spent all morning researching ways to fix this that didn't involve taking new drugs, and found this. THANK YOU DR. KIM and the rest. I FEEL better now, after doing those routines, and plan on trying out organic apple vinegar as well. Anything I can do that doesn't involve taking horrible pills.


I'm pretty sure working the abs is a bad idea as it raises the abdominal preasure. I never ever had the slightest problem with stomache until one week after beginning with workouts :-( Now I got a hiatal hernia.

I'm 62 years old and in my entire life I've rarely had heartburn. About 25 years ago, I found that drinking half a can of Canada Dry Gingerale got rid of it within about 15 minutes in those rare occasions I got heartburn.

However, about 3 months ago I got a kidney infection. I was in bad shape and had to take a very powerful antibiotic. Since then I've had the unpleasant need to burp frequently for half an hour or so along with heartburn after every meal. The only thing I've found thus far that does not cause these symptoms is milk produced using sustainable organic practices. It now takes about a can and a half of Canada Dry Gingerale to stop the heartburn. The burping continues for about another half hour.

I reported my symptoms to my doctor who, of course, recommended taking those remedies seen on television with the long list of possible side effects. Ain't gonna happen.

Ever heard of antibiotics causing this malady?

I have been suffering with acid reflux from a hiatal hernia for the last two years following a bout of gastroenteritis. I have tried antacids but am allergic to Proton Pump Inhibitors so I stick to the milder drugs like Pepcid, Tums etc. I recently discovered by trial and error that drinking almond milk reduced my symptoms instantaeously. I also take a spoonful of almond butter prior to meals and it has a healing effect. I have not had any burping or burning symptoms since.

I don't know why almonds contain such healing properties, but I think it is worth a try to anyone who is suffering. My sympathies are with the others on this post and hope this information helps.

That just happened to me!! drank almond milk and as it went down it relaxed my much so I googled my symptoms and how almond milk relieved it and found this thread.

I'm so glad I came across your comments! My mother is currently in hospital on strong antibiotics after a kidney stone/stent infection. She has always had a lot of belching but since this infection has become worse. She is also suffering with atrial fibrillation which I have always thought was connected to her hiatal hernia. she has not been able to sleep on her left side for the past 20 years because she sometimes feels like her stomach of something inside touches her heart which gives her a jolt and sets of an atrial fibrillation event. Of course the doctors dismiss the possibility and just put her on tablets. Very frustrating.
Has anybody else experienced this?

Yes, but in my case (I have all of the symptoms of hiatal hernia, and Dr. Kim's suggestions work for me) it is more of a regular skipped beat than true A-fib. So I sleep on my back or right side when having the symptoms.

My mother was just in the hospital for what she thought was a heart attack. She was tachycardia when she arrived. They did all the testing and nothing pointed to MI. She had similar experience.

I read that when the stomach passes up into the esphogus, it may touch a nerve that causes heart palpataions.....BTW, I just tried the warm water and jump and it seemed to work

I know it's been some time since this post , but have them check the vagus nerve. I throw myself into a-fib when I vomit and lying down on my left side makes it worse.


Maybe costochondroitis

My wife spent about seven years before she was finally diagnosed with A-fib. She was having some problems with her stomach. An EKG was routine for the visit as it might have been her heart. A run of a couple of seconds prove the A-fib that was never before caught on a cardiogram, although several were performed and proved negative. She would have bouts at night mainly when lying down and would have what I diagnosed as A-fib (I was a nurse practitioner in Anesthesia for 25 years and knew what A-fib was like on palpation. After diagnoses she was treated with blood thinner. She continued having this strange symptom that I thought might be a hiatal hernia and finally she submitted to have an upper EGD (edoscopic gastro duodenoscopy), which prove that she did indeed have the hiatal hernia. I suspect that the A-fib was the first sign of the hiatal hernia. She had the problem for now over seven years before confirmation of the heart and esophagus. I do not blame the practitioners for not finding the error, because they are not trained that one part of the same system can cause the other. I certainly believed that they did and I was right. If you haven't done so elevated the head of bed up 6 - 8 inches. My wife is now sleeping better with the treatment she is received. I am also a ND physician myself and we will be doing natural therapy that hopefully will eliminate any drugs for the stomach. Ron Naumann

Hi Ron,

I am experiencing several symptoms after months of trying to treat my hernia naturally. How is your wife doing? Do you have any supplements or exercises to share?

Thank you and take care,


Tx for your comments Ron. I hope your wife is better now. I ordered a sleep apnea machine also. I had one afib episode and the drs put me on a laundry list of meds I did not take except for verapamil.
I called Dr. Decker Weiss in Arizona, a natural dr. He said you should get an adjustment from a chiropracter who specializes in hiatal hernia. That's all you need. It may take several adjustments. Pls advise how she's doing.
Progress and peace, they belong to you! lainie

Antibiotics can kill off the friendly/beneficial bacteria in the digestive track. It is beneficial to take probiotics to replace those killed off by he meds. Be sure to follow the dosing directions as some probiotics must be taken on an empty stomach, 20 mins prior to meals and others can be taken with food.

YES! antibiotics will KILL OFF natural gut bacteria. I recently found out that clindamycin, which i took for a tooth infection, can kill off some minor (yet necessary) strains in ONE round! so NO MORE antibiotics for me! now I use oregano oil for any tooth problems, and a high quality probiotic with multiple bacterial strains- this helps a lot! good luck!

I've had heartburn most of my life, starting in my 20's (I'm in my late 50's). I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD in 2000 and started taking PPI's that worked fine. However, in November 2011 I had oral surgery and took <strong>clindamycin</strong> to prevent infection. This also coincided with some fairly severe stress, both mental and physical (I was struck while riding my bike by an SUV).
I immediately had the worst case of GERD I could imagine, almost to the point of going to the ER (intense pain in my chest radiating through to my back). I drank Gaviscon and rode it out. Things settled back down and then I had to repeat the clindamycin in January with the exact same GERD results, only this time I was ready and stopped the meds immediately.

In the sixth months since this all started I haven't returned to my life before the initial dose of meds. I've doubled up on my PPI's (with only fair results), an upper endoscopy that found a very small gastric ulcer and confirmed the HH, but nothing else (incl bacteria that causes GERD). Two doctors completely disregard the clindamycin and stress connection, but I know my body better than that. I'm going to try the massage / weighted-stomach jump routine and see how that works. I do know that the surgery for this condition is a very poor solution (bad side-effects and complications).

I have been going through the same side effects of Clindamycin. Since having my Gallbladder out, I have gained a lot of weight. I have a hard time breathing and a lot of gerd. Doubled up on Gerd meds too. Had to take Clindamycin for tooth ache and had terrible burning in my throat. My doc has had me go through a stress test and PFT, everything fine. I am now headed to a ENT specialist to find out what he sees. I will try the massage and water thing before I go. Thanks for the info. Beginning to think I was crazy, after reading all the posts, I see others are suffering from the same thing.

Yes! I had an issue with urgency to urinate so one Dr had me do two rounds of antibiotics, then another had me do one more. I questioned why and if it was necessary, they said yes. Ever since, I have chronic burping issues and acid reflux! Even went to gi Dr for over a year. They gave up and sent me somewhere else! so many tests. ..ridiculous! My new dr told me I have the hiatal hernia that the first never did, never mentioned it. So I will try these two methods, but hoping to get my hernia fixed. Most don't even mention that burping could be caused by a hernia. Very upset with some of my drs!

Last week I experienced an episode of atrial fibrillation.
I had been experiencing quite a bit of indigestion, flatulence and overall unwell tummy prior to this.
Do you think there is a correlation here? I am a 49 year old female, have controlled hypertension.
I read most every article you provide and I respect your opinion very much.
Thank you Dr. Kim.

Was the A-fib confirmed? I'd like to know Dr. Kim's answer. I have been a sufferer of stomach woes for about 4 years(looking for a remedy is how I found Dr.Kim)... not having insurance I ignored them, until they put me in the hospital (a year ago) 35 lbs lighter from not being able to eat.(down to 140 on a 5'9" frame, not too fat at 175 because I worked out alot... but couldn't do that either.) So I thought for sure it was my heart... they cleared me and so I got a job at that hospital, got insurance, and went to the Doctor. After an upper GI scope, I was diagnosed with severe gastritis(I couldn't eat anything solid especially veggies, too hard to digest, but found a wonderful "green juice" because of it...was not going to take their meds!), Hiatal Hernia, B-12 Anemia, and Barrett's esophagus.(they lasered some of that)I have tried to changed my eating habits (the green juice is now too expensive), but my wife has to prepare for 5 kids and we've lost our income and home so on food stamps, it's hard to eat right. I just eat less and do as much "cheap" raw as possible (Hard when the wife eyeballs me for not eating what the kids are having and telling them to eat!)

So, all that to say, recently I've been getting pains again,(maybe stress of no job, no home, and no $ to eat healthy) but now with fluttering in my chest and light-headedness, I just tell myself, "must be really bad stomach spasms from gastritis because a year ago, no heart problems". I just stop, check my racing pulse, suffer a little anxiety, and say, "I need a job with benefits soon!"

So is there a correlation? Should I be concerned? I'm a slim 155lbs,51 year old male whose parents both died of heart disease (mom 47; dad 67, but 1st heart attack at 51) and I suspect I have high blood pressure. It is always boarder-line high until I relax and ask for the person to take it a second time. And my cholesterol ratio is always "bad" (but, total is usually below 200).

Sometimes the pain just stops me dead in my tracks. I wish it would stop. 1.5 years ago I could play pick up basketball with a group of 15 yo boys on the black top, I could out sprint and out jog all the 12-16 yo kids on my soccer team, I could bench press 150lbs 10 times 3... now I walk about a mile and try to jog an additional half mile and struggle. I've got a 17 month old daughter, 2 year old son, and 4, 13, 16 year old daughters (I married late and my wife of 20 years is 10 years younger than me)... Help! Thanks for hearing me.

Hi Bob,
I wanted to share my experience with hiatal hernia and Acid Reflex. I started with acid reflex 18 years ago when I gave birth to my daughter, for 5 years doctors could not tell me what was wrong with me, I was taking medicine but it never got better, until last summer my family and I went vacation out of the country and I got a stomach infection that provoqued me terrible vomits. I went to a doctor who advised me to go to my Dr. once I got back to USA, I started coughin and could not breath, Dr. gave me different treatments, he said I had beggining of ashtma, my cough was bad and my voice started to change, it was husky, Dr sent me to have done x-rays and specialist. By then my symtoms started to change with abdominable pains and lower chest pain going all they way to my back. My dr. finally told me I have hiatal hernia, dr. said if I did not do anything to change the situation like to eat right and loose weight he would have to do surgery in the few weeks. I was desperate and found on the internet information about home remedies. I found information about Applecider vinegar and Honey. I took it and the relief was immediate. I took 2 tsp of applecider, it has to be organic and one tsb of honey any honey works but I get the organic, disolve this 2 items in a cup of warm water every time I need it. I took it for a month and now I probably take one pill every 2 weeks if I feel I migh need it. I took this one time morning and night then gradually less. I also am in a diet, I have lost 27lbs, I need to loose 10 more. My symtoms are gone 98% gone.

Hi Rolla ~ I have the same thing and yes, most Doctors think that this connection is absurd! I have been hospitalized twice with this and they cannot find anything wrong with my heart. I too have controlled hypertension. I have two things that I always have with me... CAFFEINE-FREE Diet Coca-Cola (causes the Biggest Burp) and converts the heart back usually and Simethicone gas relief tablets... I never run out because you never know when the "pounding" will start! If you want to email me I can dig up a great article to send you that confirms what we already know. And yes, Dr. Kim you are wonderful to share so much with your readers!
:) AlexSandra

I go to some very good Doctors as I have Atrial Fib. They do not believe it comes from Acid Reflux but I know for sure it does. I think it is a combination of stress plus the nights that you have the acid reflux. After I get it my adrenalin is up so high that I cannot get it to stop. If I just relax and try to sleep I can get it either to stop or slow down. I personally cannot take any of the anti acids so I am looking for a way to stop the acid which is something I am having alot of these days. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated. I have tried lots of them and they don't agree with me at all.

If you have acid reflux, take a tablespoon of organic, apple cider vinegar each day, it is natural and it works. No other vinegar is to be taken. You can take it in juice or water if you prefer. Hope it helps you.

Papaya pills with digestive enzymes and calcium carbonate are the only thing that i can tolerate that eliminate my heartburn. Hope this helps you!!

When I eat rich food my acid builds up and I cannot sleep. I found that papaya enzymes work great and they are all natural. I like best the Natural Factors brand but other companies make them. They taste just like candy. I suggest you chew one as you are sitting down for dinner.

I have read that drinking a glass of WARM water helps relax the stomach...then jump from a bottom step...also I have heard that constipation can also cause upward pressure on the stomach, exacerbating the hiatal hernia symptoms.

I have found that drinking a glass of metamucil takes care of my symptoms. I think it might be the weight of the liquid that pulls it back into place.


Great article. I didn't fully understand #2, the jumping part.
A short YouTube video would be really helpful.


If you jumped of a step with a large inflated balloon held by the neck between your finger and thumb, you would not drop it because it's not heavy.

If you filled the balloon with water and repeated the procedure, the balloon would likely pull free from your hand because the water inside it exerts a downward force when you land.

This is what happens to your stomach if it has a weight of water in it, the jolt of landing gently pulls the stomach back into the abdomen, where it belongs.

Also the abdominal contents will be inclined to move downwards and make room for the stomach.

I have read your articles for about 5 years now Dr Kim.
always enjoying and trusting them, this one is a fine example.

Your commitment to being a sincere and free spirit in the medical world makes your newsletters a pleasure to read for us ordinary people. Thanks for all your help in the past,long may you continue.

I've had a hiatus hernia for years and basically been symptom free most of the time. Ive also been doing yoga for over 30 years.Recently have been having symptoms and am aware that the yoga position downward dog is contraindicated because your head is lower that your stomach ....I hate saying "I can't' and am really wondering if there is anyone who has found a way to be able to do this pose without aggravating their hiatus hernia. By the way, I have found the water and jumping thing effective

My 7 year old neighbor shared with me last night that he is embarrassed about burping as often as he does. He asked me what he's doing wrong since none of the other first graders burp like him. He says that he burps all day long, on the bus, in class, at lunch, walking, playing etc. He's a very slim and active little guy. The first thing I thought of was a little baking soda and warm water. Any ideas out there? B-T-W, my young neighbor and his two brothers do not drink sugary beverages and are not prone to eat sweets. Their parents are raising them as little grazers rather than big meal eaters.

My fiance has a hiatal hernia, we had just started eating dinner, and he got his first bite of steak stuck above his stomach. He was ready to go to the hospital after a half hour of trying to get rid of it. I found your page, suggested he drink water and jump off the bottom stair, which he took a few gulps of water jumped, repeated, and it was fixed. THank you so much!!!!

Dear Doctor Kim,
Thank you very much for this article. I have printed it out and will give it to my son. He just had a endoscopy which diagnosed him with a hiatal hernia and schotsky ring. The doctor dilated his schotsky ring. Our follow up appointment is today. I will be curious as to what treatment the doctor gives us, so I wanted to do some research on the web before we go. My son is only 20, 6'3" and 150lbs. Maybe he has the emotional reasons for developing these symptoms. His French father left us for his Korean mistress on his 16th birthday. He still has not found work although he has been going to many interviews and auditions for acting. I am a hypnotherapist, so maybe he will let me work on him with relaxing techniques. Hopefully, your suggestions will help. Thank you again. God Bless You.

Thank you so much for your article. My husband had issues with this tonight and was very uncomfortable. We tried your suggestion of gently massaging below the sternum toward the belly button, and after a few times, it resolved completely!

For those who posted about stomach issues, especially those related to antibiotics use, I recently learned about how helpful probiotics can be. For more info, I highly recommend the book The Probiotics Rebolution, by Gary Huffnagle, PHD, a microbiologist and immunologist at the University of Michigan. He lists recommended brands and has a chart for what strains help with what situations. It's something worthwhile to look into and ask your doctor about.

Hi, is there any chance to have some pictures ilustrating the 3 metheodes described in this article to correct the hiatal hernia. I didn't quite understand exactly how to do it (point 1 and 3) and some puictures might be very usefull.
Thanks a lot!

I think this website is a blessing. The warm water jumping really works.
If this website had pictures and video link that will be awesome.
Thank you so much

Thank you for the technique. I am definately going to try that the next time I have the chest pains. I was diagnoses with a small hiatal hernia many years ago and have not had many symptoms because I am very careful with my diet. Recently I have been under a great deal of stress in my job and I have having chest pains. The doctors have ruled out heart and lung problems but I remembered the hiatal hernia. I will definately try this technique on the next chest pain and see if I am successful in defeating the severe pain. Thank you Dr. Kim.

Thanks so much for everyones comments. I thought I was going crazy. I usually do my yearly check ups. I began getting reflex in the beginning of September after numerous things went on in my famiy. I have had so many tests: ultra sound, ct scan and the doctor wants me now to go for an upper GI test. Some of my family members had this but just tried to control it with medicine. I have planned a trip to Canada which I was supposed to leaving for on Saturday. My friends said not to go and I wanted to search the internet to see if there was an good information on this. I found that when I was cleaning or bending down or excerting myself this monster reared its ugly head.The problem existed for about an hour. All of the symtoms fit my situation. I was on antibotics for an infection which I think made this worse. I spent one day in the hopital and they thought it was my heart because I said I was out of breath when I went to the hospital but they didn't listen to my other symtms. I tried the water and the jumping and it worked. I don't have the procedure down pat, but I think it is going to work. I agree Dr. Kim for some us that prefer visuals that would be great. I am also going to try the applecider remedy too. Thanks so much.

Hi thanks for this wonderful topic.. Ive experience dyspnea , pain in my chest and somewhat hearth burn for 4months and they found in my chest xray that may be i have a haital hernia. I search about haital hernia until i found this site, i follow the massage technique before i eat my dinner, I feel there is improvement about burning sensations, compared before it is better now and my breating is also improved. I massage 2-3x/day. It just my 2nd day today that I Appy this technique. Thanks God. I hope for 1wik its now all back to normal.

Hi Gail, did you come to Canada to get well and who did you see and how are feeling now.

I am in Canada in Toronto, Ontario and have been looking a chiropractor or an osteopath to adjust my sliding hiatal hernia.

I would very much appreciate it if someone can give me the names of chiropracter in or around toronto who would be able to help me. I have already been to 2 osteopaths and 2 chiropracters who said they knew how to adjust but wasted a lot of money and I am a senior on a budget.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide me with.


I tried the jumping technique yesterday for my hiatal hernia - and wow. I felt improvement almost immediately - almost no burping, and less pain in my chest. Things are still looking good today. I really recommend this technique ! and also hoping to come off pills very soon.

Thanks Dr Kim!

This information that everyone has shared, is very encouraging. I have been suffering for the past 7 months. The water jump, I have found that helpful, but hearing about the blowing up new balloons to stregthen the muscles, and the apple cider with honey. All these methods of trial and error, bring hope to others that suffer.
There is one thing that I have learned, it is important to ensure that you bowels are emptied, as that causes pressure. I have found that using Glucomannan, helps with this.

Has yours gone away yet? I am looking for some hope. This is just terrible. I have had mine for awhile and the jumping water trick hasn't seemed to help. But, maybe I have to do this for awhile before it will work? What's your experience?

From perfect health, suddenly one morning on wake up,I started having pain in the upper abdomen , under the sternum, slightly on the left side.Of course rushed to my doctor and was diagnosed with hiatal hernia after a barium test, was prescribed Zantac, which seemed to worsen the condition, went back to another doctor who prescribed Nexium, same worsening results this went on and on... 4 Doctors later with different medicines (Proton pump inhibitors), went to see a Gastro specialist.
To make a long story short, after a multitude of tests (Blood tests, Barium Xray, Chest Xray, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Ultrasounds, Electrocardiogram), no results , the cause could not be determined, and no response to any medicine... this lasted for six months, from May 2013 until around the 20th of October 2013.In the process I had raised the head of my bed by 8 inches (with minor relief), did a drastic low fat diet that made me lose 25 pounds, to no avail...
Two weeks ago, and after six months of persistent strong pain every single day and especially every morning, I took action and the pain disappeared as suddenly as it came.
Here is what I did :
- Vitamin A , 10 000 UI , one a day
- Vitamin C , 500 mg , one a day
- MSM Joint Formula from Natural Factors (probably the cure)
They recommend 5 capsules a day, I took only 2 a day.
- Monkey bar stretching exercises : Installed a bar in the basement.
I exercise around noon and before going to sleep.Only two to three
minutes each time...
That's it.
I don't know what worked so dramatically well, but
the pain is completely gone now for two weeks, and the cure seems to be sustained, I am back to my normal life & diet, with some precautions
I avoid acid causing foods and over eating.
I cannot thank you enough Dr. Kim for your advice.
Hope my comments will be useful to others.

Hi there,

what gave you the idea to take those amounts exactly and in that quantity?

How are you today?

I have the same story as you wrote, great health then BAM ....


Hello Pierre,

I'm not sure how old your post is but I was wondering how you've been doing and whether you've been able to maintain your success.

In my case I had no apparent symptoms, went for a recommended endoscopy (August 2014) while I was also having a colonoscopy. To my surprise I was diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia and barrett's esophagus (didn't have any symptoms that I was aware of). Within a month of the procedure I've had severe symptoms non-stop.

I would also like to know what prompted you to try the Vit A, C and MSM?


Thank you Pierre for your advice. So relieved to see that taking MSM with Vit C and Vit A plus monkey bar, has worked for you. I'm going to give it a try. I took Omeprazole and Ranitadine for a short while but would prefer to try your more natural route.
I can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction. Fingers crossed that it works for me too!

I appreciated this article for offering some practical and hopeful information re treatment of Hiatal Hernia. Its a great pleasure to have information that isn't "TAKE THIS PILL', as in mainstream medicine.
Thank you.

Deep breathing stretches and strengthens your diaphragm. Practice diaphragmatic breathing several times a day. Lie flat on your back, with your knees slightly bent. Place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Breathe in deeply through your nose using your stomach but keep your diaphragm relaxed at first. You should see the hand on your stomach move upward as you inhale, but the hand on your chest should remain still. Exhale deeply, tightening your stomach muscles(mainly upper abdomen) while tightening the lower sternum muscle at the end of your breath and keeping the hand on your chest still. Repeat four times. <==] This breathing technique worked great I felt relief doing it and my stomach is now digesting properly it's making much more noise that I haven't heard in weeks I'm breathing much better now too. I'm a 20 year old male. 6'1, 155. My esophagus was swelt up and I was having sinus congestion with indigestion and constipation. But I'm feeling much better now after this, you should give it a try pretty much you inhale using your stomach then while you exhale flex your upper abdomen and right and the end of your breath you tighten the sternum muscles feels like your pushing your stomach out of your diaphragm well atleast for me it did.

GINGER ROOT is a key that has helped me immensely !
I found that cutting some into a few thin slices and steeping it into a hot drink has been miraculous.
Because of that result, I also now carry Ginger Mints with me.
God Bless !

Deep breathing stretches and strengthens your diaphragm. Practice diaphragmatic breathing several times a day. Lie flat on your back, with your knees slightly bent. Place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Breathe in deeply through your nose using your stomach but keep your diaphragm relaxed at first. You should see the hand on your stomach move upward as you inhale, but the hand on your chest should remain still. Exhale deeply, tightening your stomach muscles(mainly upper abdomen) while tightening the lower sternum muscle at the end of your breath and keeping the hand on your chest still. Repeat four times. <==] This breathing technique worked great I felt great relief after doing it and my stomach is now digesting properly it's making much more noise that I haven't heard in weeks I'm breathing much better now too. I'm a 20 year old male. 6'1, 155. My esophagus was swelt up and I was having sinus congestion with indigestion and constipation with slight chest pains and was spitting up white phlegm. But I'm feeling much better now after this, you should give it a try pretty much you inhale using your stomach then while you exhale flex your upper abdomen and right and the end of your breath you tighten the sternum muscles feels like your pushing your stomach out of your diaphragm well atleast for me it did. My biggest part of my body is my chest i have a chicken chest that sticks out and I use to excessively work out which tightened my diaphragm muscles, but I stopped working out months ago & recently for these past couple of months I was depressed due to being fired from my very very close relatives owned Italian restaurant, aunt & uncle, first cousins that I grew up with pretty much like brothers, was working full time too (got impatient with slow workers that liked to cause problems with the youngest person of the family, my uncle said I was the problem and within a week they let me go) I'm totally regretful for getting impatient I miss my fam a lot, so I lost all of my muscles and a lot of weight, was keeping my head down when I walked and stomach towards my diaphragm when I sat, I was also sleeping on the floor at my friends for awhile on my chest which probably flattened my diaphragm & the muscles which caused my stomach to slightly go up past my hiatus, these past 6 months have been the worst experience of my life but I've gotten through the struggle and with this breathing technique I felt relief all over my body, my throat instantly felt like it started healing I can breath much better too no more chest pains, then slight sweating probably cause part of my stomach was up there for quite a while, but man do I feel better wheewww!

I have been suffering from hiatus hernia for the past 4 years. So, i tried one of your suggested solutions where dangling to a bar. Following are the observations
1) At the time of exercise, i feel better emotionally
2) But during middle of the day, i get a serious gastric trouble because of this[Note: I have not suffered any gastric trouble previously]
3) Need a permanent remedy for this[as solar plexus has moved up]

Excellent information. I find sitting in a car after a meal causes me lots of trouble even if I've only eaten a bit. 1TBS Apple Cider Vinegar before a meal has helped my digestion immensely. Wish I would have known about ACV years ago. Thanks Ben for all your posts :-)

I have suddenly felt what may appear to be a hiatal herna. kAt age 67 and having always eaten a very healthy diet it has surprised me that this has taken place. However, I have had a great deal of stress in my life, especially for a period of 6 years now, which has changed for the positive in the last several months. Meditation and spiritual practice I suspect will help aid my stress. The helpful hints you have pointed out in your article will also help, I am sure. Daily I have begun to bounce on a mini trampoline. Filling my stomach with water first is a great suggestion. Hanging from a door is a possibility, yet challenging. I am a small person, not overweight, yet not well toned as I have not exercised in a few years having fractured my collarbone and have been under chiropractor care for 18 months, weekly. The atrophied muscles and scar tissue have been slow to recover. Thank you for your helpful information. I also feel concern for my gallbladder, wondering if it is pushing up against my stomach causing this situation.